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RFP: Youngstown Courtroom Technology Upgrade

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Please see the following answers to questions we have received regarding the RFP:


Question: We will not be able to obtain the Crestron or Polycom Realpresence equipment requested in your RFP for several months (much longer than 60 days).  Should we still quote Crestron and Polycom Realpresence or a substitute more readily available?

Answer: Due to the current supply chain problems, we welcome proposals with more readily available equipment as long as it integrates into our existing system.


Question: Do you have a list of existing equipment? 

Answer: It is included as Appendix A in the revised RFP.  The RFP has been revised to include brand name or equal model numbers language.


Question: Is there a functional drawing of the current system?

Answer: We haven’t been able to find a functional drawing of the system. 


Question: Are there floor plans?

Answer: The floor plans are attached as the second PDF document.


Question: There are two Extron DVI-RGB 200 scaler and signal processors in your new equipment list. What will these connect to?

Answer: We have one VGA / RGB in the lectern and would like to keep one VGA input for backwards compatibility. If the second one can provide the video to the jury box then that would be used to do so but we would still want the vendors to come onsite to review the court to ensure all is accurate.