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Judges' Info

Administrative Orders

Administrative Orders are directives typically published by an individual Judge to establish a procedure or requirement specific to matters related to that Judge.

General Orders

General Orders are directives published by the Judges that establish a procedure or a requirement in the Northern District of Ohio. Each General Order applies to specific issues that affect the entire Court.

Hearing Scheduling Guidelines

Procedures for scheduling hearings are specific to each Judge and depend on the location and case chapter. Each judge's guidelines are posted on the Hearing Scheduling Guidelines page.


Each Judge issues memoranda related to policies, procedures, docket dates, etc. Collectively, these memoranda are posted in a list that can be sorted by judge, date, and or title.


All opinions published by Judges in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Ohio are listed on the Opinions page. This searchable list can be sorted by Judge, Date, Topic, Subtopic(s), Title, and/or Case Number.

Order Submission Guidelines

Proposed orders shall be individually submitted according to procedures adopted by each Judge contained linked document: Procedures Governing Submission of Proposed Orders.

Searchable Hearings Calendar

The Searchable Hearings Calendar provides an interface to view upcoming hearings.