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  • Employment: Click here to learn about opportunities in the Federal Judiciary:

  • Training and Development: The Federal Judiciary provides on-line resources, on-site training, self-study programs, and tuition assistance.

  • Retirement and Financial Planning: The Federal Judiciary offers an attractive retirement package comprised of FERS, Social Security, and the Thrift Savings Plan (a 401k) with matching employer contributions.

  • Compensation and Benefits: Providing the best resources available for ourselves and our families is of paramount importance. The Federal Judiciary’s compensation and benefits package is recognized as one of the most competitive in the public sector.

  • Employment: The Federal Judiciary seeks talented and motivated individuals. We employ legal professionals, I.T. professionals, courtroom administrators, financial experts, and many other skilled professionals.

Vacancy Location Expiration Date
United States Bankruptcy Judge Cleveland 10/28/2022