IRS Insolvency Info

Internal Revenue Service – Insolvency Group 6
1240 East Ninth Street, Room 493
Cleveland, OH 44199
FAX: 216-522-2066

All telephone inquiries and correspondence:

Philadelphia CIO
FAX 855-235-6787

The following additional information is provided:

  1. Due to Privacy Act restrictions, IRS employees are prohibited from discussing debtor information with an attorney unless they are the attorney of record in an ongoing bankruptcy proceeding or a Power of Attorney is on file with the Internal Revenue Service.
  2. These same Privacy Act restrictions prohibit IRS employees from discussing debtor information with anyone other than the attorney of record (i.e. other persons employed by the attorney).
  3. Copies of account transcripts can be obtained by contacting the appropriate Insolvency Group specialist with either a faxed or telephonic request.
  4. Copies of publications and blank tax forms for prior years can be obtained online at