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Beware of U.S. Bankruptcy Court Telephone Scams

Thursday, October 29, 2020

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court is aware of an active telephone spoofing campaign using various phone numbers that belong to the court.

Spoofing occurs when a caller deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to your caller ID display to disguise their identity. If you answer, the caller uses scam scripts to try to steal your money or valuable personal information, which can be used in fraudulent activity.

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court will never call you directly and ask for sensitive personal or banking information. If you have received a spoofing call using the court’s telephone number, please do the following:

  1. Note the time the caller contacted you; and,
  2. Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to file a complaint at 1-877-382-4357, or online at the FTC's ReportFraud website:

Filing a complaint with the FTC will help federal law enforcement identify and prosecute those responsible for this spoofing activity.