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  Judge Shea-Stonum's All Docket for Thursday, April 17, 2014 1:30 PM Posted: 04/15/2014 at 8:06 AM

Administrative Orders
Order #   Date
 12-03 Procedures for Attorney Fee Allowances in Chapter 13 Cases 07/18/2012 
 10-01 First Mortgage Loan Modification in Chapter 13 07/23/2010 
 09-06 Procedures Regarding Second Chance Relief Order 09/17/2009 
 08-10 Delegation of Authority to Sign and Enter Certain Orders 10/23/2008 
 08-09 Administration of Chapter 13 Cases - Modify Confirmed Plan to Change Percentage Paid to Creditors 09/22/2008 
 08-04 Procedure for Attorney Fee Allowances in Chapter 13 Cases 04/17/2008 
 06-05 Excusing Individual 'Non-Consumer' Debtors from Filing Means Test Form 06/14/2006 
 05-07 Confirming Inapplicability of the Automatic Stay Pursuant to 11 USC 362(c)(4)(A)(i) 10/05/2005 
 04-01 Procedure for Allowance of Attorney Fees in Ch13 Cases 04/16/2004 
 03-07 Change in Protocol for Internal Processing of Motions for Relief from Stay 11/24/2003 
 03-02 Procedures Regarding Motions for Relief from Stay and-or Abandonment 02/12/2003 
 02-8 Administration of Chapter 13 Cases - Trustee Recommendation Regarding Filed Claims 09/27/2002 
 02-03 Administration of Chapter 13 Cases - Requirements Prior to an Evidentiary Hearing Being Held 04/23/2002 
 01-15 Inclusion of Certain Chapter 13 Trustee Relief in All Proposed Orders Granting Relief from the Automatic Stay 11/30/2001 
 01-9 Certain Procedures for Adversary Proceedings in ''Alleged One Witness Mortgages Cases'' 07/09/2001 
 01-6 Fees for Debtor's Counsel in a Chapter 13 Case 05/31/2001 
 00-4 Administration of Chapter 13 Cases - Duties of Debtor's Counsel in Relation to Chapter 13 Trustee's Motion to Dismiss 01/01/2000 

 03/11/2014   RELIEF FROM STAY HEARING DATES (May 2014)  
 02/03/2014   RELIEF FROM STAY HEARING DATES (March -April 2014)  
 10/12/2012   Serving Documents in Compliance with Local Bankruptcy Rule 9013-3  
 08/26/2011   Change in Procedure re Attorney's Fees under Administrative Order 08-4  
 06/02/2011   General Pre-Trial Order  
 02/16/2011   Chapter 13 Town Hall re Loan Modification  
 08/23/2010   Reporting Settlements  
 05/14/2010   Declaration Re Electronic Filing of Documents and Statement of SSN  
 04/22/2010   Chapter 13 Proposed Orders  
 09/25/2009   Motions to Compromise  
 02/18/2009   Evidence of Perfection RE Motions for Relief From Stay (vehicles)  
 01/22/2009   Chapter 13 Debtor's Motion to Voluntarily Dismiss  
 03/13/2008   Nature of Hearings  
 07/20/2006   Telephonic Participation at Pre-Trial Conferences  
 02/14/2005   Chapter 13 Motions to Value Collateral  
 10/04/2004   Chapter 13 Objections to Claims  
 07/19/2001   Certifications of No Objection to Sale  

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