Topical Sorting of Decisions from Judge Woods

Topic Date   Case Name Case No

  12/01/2014 John Robert and Kelly Elizabeth Wood, (Late Disclosure Does Not Preclude Presentation of Witnesses or Exhibits Absent Prejudice)10-44127
  10/03/2014 Amber Lynn Luzier, (Attempt to Collect Discharged Debt in Subsequent Case Proof of Claim Violation of Discharge Injunction)10-40795
  09/09/2014 William and Kelly Flowers, (Partial Motion to Dismiss Granted; Failure to State Claim; Section 523)14-4035
  09/09/2014 Mervin and Mary Catherine Jones, (No Cause to Set Aside Order of Default Judgment)14-4010
  08/20/2014 D & L Energy, Inc., (Debtors' Motion for Partial Judgment on the Pleadings Granted in Part, Denied in Part)14-4032
  08/19/2014 D & L Energy, Inc., (Motion for Leave to Amend Complaint Denied)14-4032
  08/12/2014 William and Kelly Flowers, (Partial Motion to Dismiss Granted; Failure to State Section 523(a)(4) or (a)(6) claim)14-4035
  08/11/2014 D & L Energy, Inc., (Motion for Partial Judgment on the Pleadings Granted; Liquidated Damages)14-4032
  07/31/2014 Richard and Mary Vollnogle, (Objection to Confirmation Overruled; Plan Filed in Good Faith)14-40552
  07/24/2014 William O. and Kelly M. Flowers, (Motion to Dismiss Granted; Failure to State a Claim Pursuant to Section 523(a)(2), (3) or (4))14-4034
  07/16/2014 Ryan F. and Megan M. Laatsch, (Motion to Dismiss for Abuse Denied, Section 707(b)(1) and (3))13-42724
  07/09/2014 D.J. Harriett, Inc., (Motion to Dismiss Denied; Court Has Related To Jurisdiction; Mandatory Abstention Not Proven; Did Not Fail To State Claim)12-4098
  06/19/2014 Denman Tire LLC, (Right to Jury Trial in Tort Action Brought by Chapter 7 Trustee)11-4242
  06/17/2014 Denman Tire LLC, (Motion in Limine Granted; Chapter 7 Trustee Not Subject to OSHA Regulations)11-4242
  05/20/2014 Ronald G. and Carol A. McConnell, (Trustee Failed to Meet Burden of Proof Regarding Objection to O.R.C. Section 2329.66(A)(10)(B))13-42243
  05/12/2014 Wayne Allan and Becky Ellen Detweiler, (In chapter 7, Rule 9006(b)(1) Inapplicable Regarding Excusable Neglect)12-40571
  03/20/2014 Dennis T. Babic Sr., (Denial of Motion to Intervene; No Prepetition Constructive Trust)13-4089
  03/07/2014 Denman Tire LLC, (Partial Summary Judgment Denied Regarding Kinds of Tort Damages Recoverable)11-4242
  01/17/2014 Joseph and Tami L. Sankey, (Discharge Revoked For Refusing to Turn Over Tax Return in Violation of Court Order)13-4035
  01/10/2014 Alice R. Parkman, (Petition Preparer Permanently Enjoined and Ordered to Disgorge Fees)13-42710
  12/12/2013 Jonathan R. Fairburn, (Determination of Core and Non-Core Claims for Relief)13-4053
  11/22/2013 Carl V. and Cindy A. Mace, (Res Judicata Precludes Reconsideration of Claim When Affirmative Defense Waived at Trial)10-42899
  10/09/2013 Doreen Bodrick, (Rule 3002.1(h) Does Not Require Debtor to File a Motion After Creditor Responds; No Waiver or Res Judicata)13-4057
  10/02/2013 Melissa A. Gruszka, (Alleged Conversion of Secured Property Not Debt for Willful and Malicious Injury; Section 523(a)(6))12-4040
  09/27/2013 Darryl L. and Delilah D. Knight, (Mortgage Arrearage Claim Disallowed for Failure to Provide Valid Payment Address)10-40246
  08/08/2013 Ronald B. Depascale, (Motion to Avoid Liens Granted; Ohio Homestead Exemption in Effect on Petition Date To Be Used)13-40768
  08/08/2013 Michael J. Mercure, (Summary Judgment Granted; Debt for Odomoter Fraud Nondischargeable Pursuant to Section 523)11-4145
  07/31/2013 William Scott and Jennifer L. Merlino, (Motion to Reconsider Denied; Section 521(i)(1) Requires Dismissal on 46th Day After Petition Date)13-40572
  07/03/2013 Terry James Bixler, (Granting in Part and Denying in Part Order Sanctioning CitiFinancial for Failure to Turn Over Car Title at Conclusion of Chapter 13 Case)07-40221
  06/18/2013 Rosalind A. Blakely, (Preference - Negative Equity in Car Loan)12-4100
  05/28/2013 Michael J. Mercure, (Motion in Limine Denied; Failure to Submit Touhy Request)11-4145
  05/16/2013 Elliott T. and Sandgenella C. Ratliff, (Chapter 13 Plan Payments Can Be Offset with Turnover in Case Converted to Chapter 7)10-40652
  05/14/2013 Daniel Paul Lucas, (Case Dismissed for Failure to Disclose and Bad Faith)13-40798
  05/10/2013 Terry James Bixler, (CitiFinancial Sanctioned for Failure to Turn Over Car Title at Conclusion of Chapter 13 Case)07-40221
  05/06/2013 Jeffrey D. and Melissa J. Barnett, (Objections to Claim Sustained; Deficiency Claim for Surrendered Collateral Must Be Filed Within 90 Days After Plan Confirmation)12-42737
  04/16/2013 Eric Matthew Mullenex, (Objection to Notice of Payment Change Sustained; Failure to Identify Charges in Rule 3002.1 Notice)10-40194
  03/26/2013 M.E. Supply Co., (Final Fee Application Granted in Part)10-40143
  03/21/2013 Ralph and Sherry Creighton, (No Basis to Remove Debtor's Name from Public Record)05-40036
  03/08/2013 Melissa A. Gruszka, (Discovery Dispute and Late Responses)12-4040
  02/22/2013 Robert Allen Lucente, (Collateral Estoppel Given to State Court Judgment Making Debt Non-dischargeable)08-4124
  01/11/2013 Michael J. Mercure, (Order authorizing disclosure of FBI information under the Privacy Act of 1974)11-4145
  01/07/2013 Jason and Shelby Congrove,(Debt that matured pre-petition can be bifurcated when secured by manufactured home constituting personal property)12-4062
  12/05/2012 Daniel R. Pugliese.,(Motion to Dismiss Granted; Failure to State Section 523(a)(2) or (a)(6) claim)12-4108
  08/31/2012 GERE JOSEPH and LORI ELAINE SZOKE.,(Motion to Dismiss Denied; Cause of Action Stated for Automatic Stay Violation in Section 362(a)(3))12-4048
  08/31/2012 AARON I. COLEMAN.,(Motion for Reconsideration Denied; No Newly Discovered Evidence, Manifest Injustice, or Excusable Neglect)12-4034
  08/23/2012 Matthew M. and Melissa M. Whiddon,(Trustee cannot avoid valid mortgage based upon alleged invalid transfer-assignment)12-4027
  08/10/2012 James Leslie and Tina Marie Adkins,(No Basis to Excuse Compliance with Rule 3002.1)10-44214
  08/08/2012 Shannon J. and Frank A. JR Cassetto.,(Motion for Stay Denied - Four Griepentrog Factors Not Addressed)11-42995
  08/03/2012 AARON I. COLEMAN, (Arbitration compelled as to damages only; Judgement on the Pleadijngs granted for failure to deny portions of the Complaint)12-4034
  07/26/2012 Shannon J. and Frank A. Cassetto.,(Ohio Homestead Exemption Does Not Apply to Oil and Gas Lease Signing Bonus11-42995
  07/20/2012 Gregory Zinni,(Motion to Dismiss Granted, in Part, and Denied, in Part)11-4047
  06/15/2012 Carl V. and Cindy A. Mace, (Objection to Claim Overruled; Oral Agreement Established and Breached)10-42899
  06/12/2012 Michael J. Mercure.,(Motion for Summary Judgement Denied; No Claim Preclusion in Dischargeability Action)11-4145
  06/08/2012 Lori Carr.,(Partial Summary Judgement Granted where Defendant violated Discharge Injunction)09-4306
  06/08/2012 Francis Robert Macovitz.,(Partial Summary Judgement Granted where Defendant violated Discharge Injunction)09-4303
  06/08/2012 David S. & Kendra L. Twyford.,(Partial Summary Judgement Granted where Defendant violated Automatic Stay)09-4307
  05/08/2012 Spencer Lee Munion JR,(Complaint to Determine Dischargeability of Debt Filed Too Late When Discharge Previously Entered)12-4024
  05/08/2012 Carl V. and Cindy A. Mace, (Claims Found to be Dischargeable; Fraud Claim Barred by Two-Year Statute of Limitations)10-4239
  04/13/2012 Gary Joseph & Marlene Zupp.,(Motion for partial judgement on the pleadings granted; TILA rescission does not apply to residential mortgage transactions)11-4124
  04/03/2012 James L. Brown, (Section 109(h) Motion for Exigent Circumstances Denied ; Case Dismissed)12-40229
  01/11/2012 Michael Robert Angelilli, (Debt based on state court judgement for violation of trade secret law is not dischargeable)10-4207
  12/30/2011 Julie Ann and Devlin Scott Detchon,(motion to dismiss granted - complaint alleged violations of HAMP-HUD, breach of contract, and misrepresentation)11-4160
  12/09/2011 Karen Elaine Neal, (Trustee can recover reasonably equivalent value for the estate -- inequitable division of property in prior divorce)10-4132
  11/22/2011 Devlin Scott and Julie Ann Detchon, (Motion to Dismiss Granted, No Private Cause of Action Under HAMP Even if Styled by State Law Cause)11-4160
  11/22/2011 Christine Lynn Cart, (Application of Rooker-Feldman to Motion for Relief, Prior Foreclosure and Sale)11-41578
  10/25/2011 Lucy Lou and Gary Robert Whitney, (Objection to Homestead Exemption Sustained as to Vacant Land Contiguous to Residence)11-41857
  10/21/2011 Sheila Louise Hoffman, (Motion to Reopen Denied in No-Asset Chapter 7; Determination of Tax Liability)09-43857
  09/29/2011 Trocola C. Johnson, (BPP permanently enjoined for exceeding scope of section 110)11-4010
  09/27/2011 AARON I. COLEMAN, (Section 1322(b) does not apply to manufactured home that is personal property)11-41523
  09/13/2011 John J. Edwards, (Section 506(d) Doesn't Allow Strip Off of Second Mortgage Lien in Chapter 7 Cases)11-4149
  09/06/2011 Thomas L. Parker, et al., (Married Debtor Filing Chapter 13 and Joint Tax Refund - Separate Filings Approach to Be Used)09-41001
  08/03/2011 Marous Brothers Construction, Inc. (Motion to dismiss denied, time extended to serve summons and complaint)10-4249
  08/02/2011 Carl V. and Cindy A. Mace, (Motion to Dismiss Denied)10-4239
  07/27/2011 Joel Patrick Beardman, (State Court Judgment Preclusive Effect - 523(a)(6) Dischargeability Action)10-4084
  07/01/2011 Michelle Reese, (Motions for Stay Denied - Four Griepentrog Factors Not Addressed)08-4172
  06/28/2011 Cecil H. Miller, (Fraudulent transfer found based on actual intent - concealment)10-4057
  06/24/2011 Jessica K. Powell, (State Court judgement awarding punitive damages - collateral estoppel for Section 523(a)(6)action.)10-4167
  05/31/2011 Giovanni and Kathryn Bonanno, (Order to Show Cause - Violation of Post-Petition Discharge Injunction - Sanctions)10-41036
  05/18/2011 Jeffrey and Deborah Goodman,(Student loans not discharged; ability to maintain minimal standard of living will increase when dependant children will become emancipated)10-4098
  05/18/2011 Brian Colian, (Tax refund attributable to Debtor -- post petition marriage does not create debtor-creditor relationship between spouses)09-43067
  04/25/2011 Christopher J. and Joyce l. Harris, (Motion for Summary Judgement Granted; No Violation of Section 362 Stay for Attempts to Collect Post-Petition Consolodation of Student Loan)10-4065
  04/22/2011 FORUM HEALTH, et al., (Stay Pending Appeal Denied - Order of Dismissal of Chapter 11)09-40795
  04/13/2011 Patrisha A. Stiegler, (Unemployment compensation benefits are not excluded from CMI information as a benefit received under SSA)10-44201
  03/19/2011 Joseph G. Heldreth, (Dischargeability under Section 523(a)(2)(A) requires intent to defraud, not just reliance on a romantic relationship)094325
  03/17/2011 FORUM HEALTH, et al., (Non-Profit Debtor Corporations Establish Cause to Dismiss When Bankruptcy Purpose Has Been Fulfilled)09-40795
  03/04/2011 Michael J. and Stephanie L. Michalski, (UST's Rule 2004 Motion and Motion to Quash denied, in part, and granted, in part)10-41401
  03/04/2011 Korrine Kay Parson, (UST's Rule 2004 Motion and Motion to Quash denied, in part, and granted, in part)10-42363
  03/04/2011 Charla L. Thomas, (UST's Rule 2004 Motion and Motion to Quash denied, in part, and granted, in part)10-42690
  02/23/2011 Kristy L. Martin, (Counterclaim Pursuant To Section 523(d) Survives Motion to Dismiss)10-4260
  02/04/2011 Megen Crispin,(Per Confirmed chapter 13 plan that provided for surrender of collateral, unsecured deficiency claim must be filed no later than 90 days after confirmation)09-41910
  01/28/2011 Roy Dale and Beth Ann Adkins, (PMSI does not result in secured claim when personal property incorporated into an improvement on land)10-41801
  01/06/2011 Denman Tire LLC, (Motion to Dismiss Denied in Part; Plausible Claim for Relief)10-4242
  01/04/2011 Ernest G. Earl, (Motion to dismiss granted -- failure to properly and timely serve)10-4096
  12/20/2010 Robert E. and Denise E. Miller,(Motion to Dismiss -- Adversary Proceeding for Violation of the Automatic Stay and Discharge Injunction)10-4147
  12/14/2010 Charles Milo and Billy Sue Adams, (Sustaining Trustee's Objection where secured debt not in means test calculations)09-43917
  11/29/2010 Michael Kolesar, (Motion to Dismiss, Federal Debt Collection Practices Act Issue)10-4168
  11/23/2010 FORUM HEALTH, et al (Break-Up Fee-Expense Reimbursement Approved)09-40795
  11/08/2010 VEC SYSTEMS, INC.,(Property of Estate v. Imposition of Trust)10-42916
  10/21/2010 Annette D. Pizzuto,(Summary Judgement Revoking Discharge Granted)09-4330
  10/21/2010 Annette D. Pizzuto,(Cross-Claim Dismissed for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction)09-4330
  09/23/2010 Michelle Reese,(Sanctions Awarded for Filing Time-Barred, Frivolous Appeal)08-4172
  08/10/2010 Virginia D. Villwock,(Motions to Dismiss Denied; Cause of Action Stated for Discharge Injunction and Automatic Stay Violations)09-4319
  08/05/2010 Gary Joseph and Marlene Ann Zupp, (Damages awarded for willful violation of sec 362 (retention of vehicle after pre-petition repossession))10-41948
  07/13/2010 DENMAN TIRE, LLC.,(Denial of Break-Up Fee)10-40855
  06/17/2010 Anthony Leonard and Rose Marie LeBaron, (Directed Verdict - Debt Discharged)09-4093
  06/09/2010 Edwin D. and Jamie S. Bailey.,(Motion for Reconsideration Fails to Comport with Rule 59(e))05-41609
  06/08/2010 PKAM, LLC, (Credit Bid Cannot Be Used When Calculating Trustee's Maximum Fee)08-40401
  05/21/2010 Mountain Chevrolet Buick, Inc.,(Principal's Payments to Ex-Wife from Debtor Funds Found to be Fraudulent Transfers)08-4031
  05/18/2010 Edwin D.& Jamie S. Bailey, (Objection to Exemption Sustained; Debtors Stipulated No Exemption Available)05-41609
  04/28/2010 Jerry and Judy Hall,(Possession of note includes equitable assignment of mortgage; claimant must comply with note terms to assert pre-petition forclosure costs)09-43816
  04/12/2010 Virginia D. Villwock, (Dismissal of Non-Core Claims; ''Related To'' Jurisdiction Lacking)09-4319
  04/07/2010 Phillip D. SR. and Howarlette Pace, (Motion to Dismiss regarding Objection to Claim, RESPA, and Breach of Contract)09-4343
  04/07/2010 FORUM HEALTH, et al.,(Denial of Severance Motion -- Severance program is not generally applicable to all Full-time employees)09-40795
  04/05/2010 John T. Farina, (Order Denying Motion For Extension Of The Automatic Stay)10-40768
  03/15/2010 Thomas Arthur and Debra Jean Angst,(Construction contract debt dischargeable under Sec 523(a)(2)(A) because no material misrepresentation)08-4133
  03/11/2010 CW LIQUIDATION, INC. fka Concord Steel, INC.,(Order regarding motion to compel compliance with asset purchase agreement)09-43448
  02/25/2010 Player Wire Wheels, LTD., (Stay Pending Appeal Denied)09-40906
  02/03/2010 Raymond Howard and Wilma Dean Riley,(PMSI Includes Negative Equity under Hanging Paragraph; Till and Taranto Require Prime-Plus Present Value Interest Rate)09-41715
  01/13/2010 Two Springs Membership Club,(Denial of motion for leave to amend answer - equitable subordination and sec. 726(a)(4) do not apply to distribution of sale proceeds for tax lien)06-4112
  12/30/2009 Player Wire Wheels, LTD.,(Plan Confirmed over Objection - (i) standing of objector as party in interest; and(ii) no claim or equity -ballot not counted)09-40906
  12/10/2009 Edwin D and Jamie S Bailey,(Compromise Approved Over Debtors Objection; Cause of Action is Property of the Estate; Debtors have no Standing to Pursue)05-41609
  12/09/2009 John P and Holly M Scott,(Motion for Rule 35 medical examination granted)08-4092
  12/09/2009 Jennifer L and George A Thomas,(Summary Judgement Granted Regarding Turnover of Non-Exempt Tax Refund)08-4256
  10/02/2009 Connie Marie and Mark Frederick Hughes,(Sanctions Imposed for Willful Violation of Automatic Stay)09-42767
  10/02/2009 AEROTECH MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS, INC.,(Debtor's Post-confirmation Motion to Modify Plan Denied -- Substantial consummation)06-40955
  09/28/2009 PKAM, LLC,(Jury Demand Untimely and No Right Thereto.)08-4057
  09/28/2009 Michelle L. Reese,(Stay pending appeal granted upon posting bond)08-4172
  09/23/2009 Ralph W. Swegan, (Alleged pattern of conduct did not support requisite to 'hinder, delay or defraud' under sec 727(a)(2))04-4256
  09/18/2009 Ralph W. Swegan,(Denial of Request for sanctions regarding issuance of trial subpoena)04-4256
  09/04/2009 Melissa Giglio,(Motion to Dismiss Denied --Court has subject-matter jurisdiction and complaint states cognizable claims Pursuant to Rule 12(b)(6))09-4105
  09/02/2009 Nicholas M. Garritano,(Property of Estate Includes Dividends Based on Services Performed Pre-Petition)07-40529
  08/21/2009 Flora Bennett, ( Core v. Non-Core Proceeding Analysis)09-4075
  08/13/2009 Thomas Arthur and Debra Jean Angst, (Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgement Denied - Collateral Estoppel Does Not Apply)08-4133
  08/13/2009 Nicholas Matthew Garritano,(Non-dischargeable debt under section 523(a)(6); willful and malicious breach of contract)07-4084
  08/03/2009 PHAR-MOR., et al,(Granting, in Part, and Denying, in Part, Joint Motion of Debtor and the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors)01-44007
  07/22/2009 Damon Marcell and Lilly Mae McElroy, (Objection to Confirmation Overruled - Vehicle Agreement is Security Interest, Not True Lease)09-41366
  06/30/2009 Mike Sieczkowski,(Motion to Reconsider Denied)08-43319
  06/26/2009 Michelle Reese,(Non-dischargeable debt under section 523(a)(2)(A); intent to defraud based on bad check)08-4172
  06/24/2009 John S. and JoAnne Walker,(Denying UST's Motion to Amend Agreed Order (i) UST lacks standing, and (ii) no error of law to correct)06-41350
  06/16/2009 Harry and Julie Rowe,(Sustaining Objection to Confirmation Determination of Projected Disposable Income -11 U.S.C Section 1325(b)(1)(B))08-41047
  06/12/2009 Thomas C. Foley,(Granting, in part, Motion to Dismiss (lack of subject-matter jurisdiction))09-4060
  06/11/2009 Melissa Giglio,(Ford Motor Credit, LLC sanctioned for violation of the discharge injunction08-42141
  06/08/2009 David L. Campbell,(Non Refundable portion of child tax credit is not exempt under ORC section 2329.66(A)(9)(g))0843452
  06/08/2009 Bruce and Sheree Gilpin,(Debt non dischargeable as a willful and malicious injury because of collateral estoppel and res judicata)07-4076
  06/05/2009 Michelle M and Billy L Joyce,(Non refundable portion of child tax credit is not exempt under ORC section 2329.66(A)(9)(g))08-43602
  05/05/2009 Two Springs Membership Club.,(Motion for Reconsideration Denied)06-4112
  04/09/2009 Two Springs Membership Club.,(Validity & priority of liens against Debtor's property based on theory of alter ego)06-4112
  04/09/2009 Player Wire Wheels LTD.,(Motion to Dismiss Case Denied (sec. 1112(b)) - Who has authority to file petition)09-40906
  03/25/2009 Richard and Geraldine Neff,(Motion to dismiss granted -- failure to timely serve Summons and Complaint)08-4226
  03/24/2009 Melissa Giglio, (Motion for reconsideration denied -- When was reaffirmation agreement made)08-42141
  03/11/2009 Michele Delmont,(Opinion re Summary Judgement - violations of the discharge injunction in Sec 524(a)(2))07-4074
  02/13/2009 Randall Joseph and Mary Ann Hake.,(Memorandum Opinion and Order Imposing Stay and Supersedeas bond)08-4020
  02/09/2009 Two Springs Membership Club, (Granting, in Part, and Denying, in Part, the IRS's Motion for Summary Judgement Based on Judicial Estoppel)06-4112
  02/06/2009 PHAR-MOR, INC. et al.,(Order (i) Denying Debtors' Motion in Limine to Exclude Evidence; and (ii) Scheduling Telephonic Status Conference)01-44007
  02/06/2009 Mary Alice McCall, (Dismissing case (i) for Debtor's failure to prosecute & comply with Court Order (ii) per 11 U.S.C 109(h); & (iv) lack of good faith;)08-43517
  01/27/2009 Randall J and Mary Ann Hake,(Granting Defendants' Mot. for Summ. J. and Denying Plaintiffs' Mot. for Summ. J. Debtors' Assets Freely Transferable.)08-4020
  12/19/2008 GIRTON, OAKES & BURGER, INC.,(Preference actions not within 'intangible property of Debtor' because property of the Estate)03-41957
  12/18/2008 James M and Kimberly A Masirovits.,(Finding Liens Against Debtors Residence to be Valid, Secured, and Not Avoidable)07-4177
  12/11/2008 MIDWAY MOTOR SALES, INC.,(Summary Judgement Granted. Defendant had no right of setoff or defense relieving him of contractual obligations)04-4147
  12/09/2008 Daniel Reynolds and Jerri Lynn Gill,(Supplement to Order Granting Summary Judgement (Amount of Judgement to be determined at Hearing))07-4148
  11/26/2008 Daniel Reynolds and Jerri Lynn Gill,(Granting Motion for Summary Judgement and Revoking Discharge Under 11 U.S.C. 727(a)(6))07-4148
  11/25/2008 Clayton D. Cline, (Debt found to be non dischargeable under 11 U.S.C. 523(a)(4))06-4141
  11/10/2008 Katrina F. and Jose L. Montero,(No violation of automatic stay for Water Department to collect published fees to reconnect water sevice post petition)08-43019
  10/10/2008 Wilfred Irizarry,(Motion to Dismiss Denied Debtor may bring contempt action for sale of discharged debt)08-4121
  10/09/2008 Robert Howard Vansickle,(Motion for Leave to File Adversary Complaint denied when (i) plaintiff not a known creditor and (ii) equity favors debtor)07-43255
  09/17/2008 OLD LADDER LITIGATION CO., LLC,((1)Memorandum Opinion Granting Motion to Dismiss Count Three and (2) Order Granting Motion to Dismiss Count Three)08-4106
  09/16/2008 William Scott Talkington, (Denying, In Part, Motion to Avoid Judicial Liens Under 11 USC 522(f)(1))05-46248
  09/10/2008 ELM ROAD DEVELOPMENT, CO.,LLC.,((i) Granting, in part, Judgement on the Pleadings and (ii) Denying Motion to Dismiss)08-4020
  08/12/2008 Two Springs Membership Club,((1) Vacating previous opinion and (2) Denying sum. jud. mot. based on fraud. transfer theory)06-4112
  07/08/2008 Edward Duane Barnes,(Objection to Claim sustained Debtor had no personal liability for corp fringe benefits)07-42429
  06/30/2008 TWO SPRINGS MEMBERSHIP CLUB,((1) Motion for summary judgement denied Statute of limitations has run (2) proposal of summary judgement sua sponte)06-4112
  06/17/2008 Robert Howard Vansickle,(Motion for Leave to Extend Time to File Complaint re Discharge of Debt Denied as Untimley)07-43255
  06/11/2008 William Allen and Rochelle Renee Stoneman,(Motion to Dismiss denied as to (i) counts containing factual allegations and (ii) factual disputes - defenses08-4050
  06/11/2008 Mary Jo Shuster, (Second Motion for Reconsideration Denied)08-4014
  05/27/2008 Mary Jo Shuster, (Prior Injunction Order Modified Upon Reconsideration)08-40014
  05/16/2008 Alex R and Diane M Dankovich,(707(b)(3) Abuse when Debtors (i) overstated expenses (ii) over withheld taxes and (iii) were voluntarily underemployed)07-42655
  05/13/2008 Mary Jo Shuster, (Petition Preparer Enjoined for 1 year unauthorized practice of law)08-4014
  05/06/2008 Randall Joseph and Mary Ann Hake, (Pro Hac Vice Admission Revoked)04-41352
  05/06/2008 James E Gray, (Motion to Dismiss denied Plaintiff stated sufficient facts regarding standing to bring cause of action)07-4011
  04/28/2008 Mary Jo Shuster, (Section 506(d) Doesn't Allow Strip Off of Second Mortgage Lien in Chapter 7 Cases)08-4014
  04/21/2008 Thomas Blair Ferguson, SR (Comfort Order Denied when motion based on Section 362(h)07-43074
  04/10/2008 The Lamson and Sessions Company, (Motion for Judgement on the Pleadings Denied (In Pari Delicto Defense))05-4131
  04/07/2008 Steve Lee and Ronnelle Elaine Farkas,(UST's Motion to Deny Discharge Granted section 727(a)(8))08-4004
  04/04/2008 Booker T Williamson, (Trustee Awarded value of unauthorized post-petition transfers of property)06-4162
  03/31/2008 3710 Hendricks Road Corp(Motion to Dismiss Denied All causes of action are not disguised illegal dividends or shareholder distributions Different statutes of limitations apply)05-4131
  03/25/2008 Randall Joseph and Mary Ann Hake, (Document Covered by Attorney Client Privilege Ordered Returned to Producing Party)06-4153
  03/21/2008 Randall Joseph and Mary Ann Hake, (Motion for Reconsideration denied Repeat of argument made at trial Document excluded pursuant to attorney client privilege No waiver)06-4153
  03/21/2008 Randall J and Mary Ann Hake, (Denial of Discharge Granted)06-4153
  03/13/2008 Mark D and Tiffany L Whitcomb, (Denial of Comfort Order under section 362(h))07-42529
  01/16/2008 Blackhawk Automotive Plastics, al,(Motion for Relief Denied as Movant Adequately Protected)07-42671
  01/09/2008 Roco Supply, INC.,(Roco Supply INC Final Fee Application Approved No Lack of Disinteredness)98-42997
  01/04/2008 Raymond H and Traci L Britton(Motion to Dismiss Granted 523(c) Nondischargeability Complaint filed after expiration of 60 day period following scheduled 341 meeting)07-4146
  01/04/2008 fka YSD INDUSTRIES, INC. (Right to jury trial when all claims of Chapter 7 Trustee and Creditor are legal in nature)05-43771
  12/10/2007 Frank A. Shattuck.,(Motion to Convert more than one year after Confirmation Order denied as collateral attack on Confirmation Order)03-46347
  11/30/2007 John Seidner.,(Motion to Dismiss denied State Court judgment entry must be final to have preclusive effect)07-4123
  11/28/2007 Lisa D. Lard.,(Motion to Dismiss granted; non-dischargeability action cannot be based on Sections 542 and-or 547. No fraud alleged.)07-4105
  11/26/2007 Michael George and Catherine Ann Marinecz.,(Opinion Regarding eCAST's Objection to Confirmation of Plan (IRS Local Standards & Projected Disposable Income))07-41250
  11/09/2007 Victoria Jean Chuck.,(Rooker-Feldman doctrine not applicable when party to federal suit is different from party in state court)07-4077
  11/02/2007 Michele L. Newsom.,(Newsom - UST Motion to Dismiss based on section 707(b)(3) - Totality of Circumstances - denied)07-40828
  10/15/2007 Randall J. and Mary Ann Hake.,(Motion for Leave to Amend Complaint denied when filed one month before trial)06-4153
  10/09/2007 Sammy Richard Barth.,(Judgment on the Pleadings - Failure to State All Elements of Nondischargeability and Debt Barred by Statute of Limitations)07-4064
  09/27/2007 Garrett P. and Kimberly A. Hoelzel.,(Section 707(b)(3) Motion to Dismiss granted for abuse based on totality of circumstances)07-40598
  09/21/2007 Phar-Mor, Inc.,(Reclamation Claim - Partial Summary Judgment - Valuation Date and Insolvency Test)01-44007
  09/14/2007 Michele Imburgia.,(Motion to Dismiss Denied - Complaint Alleges Violation of Section 524)07-4074
  08/22/2007 Frank John Vaccariello, III and Caron Courtenay Vaccariello.,(Student loans not special circumstances to rebut presumption of abuse in Section 707(b)(2))07-41034
  08/13/2007 Randall J and Mary Ann Hake.,(Jury Demand Denied no right to jury trial for determination of what constitutes property of the estate)06-4153
  08/08/2007 Randall J. and Mary Ann Hake.,(Renewed Motion to Recuse Denied Order issued by the Court does not establish basis to recuse under 28 usc 455(a))06-4153
  08/06/2007 Chysan L Edighoffer, (Motion to Dismiss under section 707 b 3 granted where (i) Debtor over withheld fed taxes, and (ii) surrender of residence resulted in disposable income)06-41871
  07/30/2007 Omega Door Company. Inc., (Preference Action No new value given when security interest is unperfected)05-4291
  07/25/2007 John Ardus.,(Renewal Commission as Property of the Estate Postpetition Services Not Required)03-46018
  07/24/2007 Clayton D. Cline.,(Guaranty Debt on Contract -- Nondischargeable amount must be based on tort rather than breach of contract)06-4141
  07/18/2007 Randall J and Mary Ann Hake.,(Deposition deemed concluded after one day or more than six hours)06-4153
  07/16/2007 Southside Community Development Corporation, (Motion to Intervene denied where Auditor failed to establish right or permissive intervention)07-4082
  07/11/2007 Randall J and Mary Ann Hake.,(Motion to Dismiss denied Counterclaim alleges sufficient facts for standing and case controversy)06-4153
  07/05/2007 Mountain Chevrolet Buick(Security interest in Vehicle inventory continues to attach if purchaser is not buyer in ordinary course but does not attach to cash preference recoveries)06-4097
  07/03/2007 Randolph Wayne Moore.,(Summary judgement denied Issues of fact re ownership of personal property Plaintiff not partnership owns property07-4039
  07/03/2007 Randall J and Mary Ann Hake.,(Denial of Supersedeas Bond and Stay of Appeal04-41352
  06/27/2007 Mountain Chevrolet Buick, Inc.,(State Court Actions Stayed Because Fraudulent Transfer and Preference Actions Belong Solely to Bankruptcy Estate to be Pursued by Trustee)06-40187
  06/22/2007 PHAR-MOR, INC.,(In Camera Review denied No waiver of attorney client privilege)01-44007
  06/18/2007 Randall J and Mary Ann Hake.,(Order awarding monetary sanctions for violation of automatic stay)04-41352
  06/12/2007 Phar-Mor, INC., et al.,(No basis to appoint computer consultant to obtain metadata)01-44007
  06/12/2007 Phar-Mor, INC., et al.,(Discloseure required of all documents provided to expert witnesses even these culled by staff)01-44007
  06/06/2007 Donald E Manning, II,(Abstention and Remand of State Court Action where cause of action is eviction and counterclaims involve state law)07-4066
  06/04/2007 Gregory F Ellis.,(Debt for willful and malicious injury not discharged Punch in the face established intent to injure)06-4055
  05/31/2007 Randall J and Mary Ann Hake,(Moving to amend state court complaint without relief from stay violates section 362)04-41352
  05/30/2007 Randall J. and Mary Ann Hake,(Motion for Order of Contempt for failure to comply with subpoena denied Subpoena overly broad and souught non revelvent documents)06-4153
  05/18/2007 Randall Joseph and Mary Ann Hake,(Enforceability of Agreement - not void for vagueness04-41352
  05/03/2007 Tracy L Evans.,('Delphi Buyout' exempt to extent reasonably necessary for support of debtor. O.R.C. 2329.66(A)(12)(d))06-41254
  05/02/2007 Diane Elaine Barber.,(Sanctions Imposed for Discovery Abuse)03-4162
  04/13/2007 James Knepper.,(Debtor's unrebutted testimony sufficient to avoid judicial lien)05-84381
  04/10/2007 Diana Barber, (Motion for Partial Reconsideration Denied Sanctions imposed against party other than moving party)03-4162
  04/09/2007 John Jr. and Tanesha Coleman., (Junior Mortgage held to be wholly unsecured after trial to determine value of real estate)06-4032
  04/06/2007 Midway Motor Sales, Inc.,(Motion for Judgement on Pleadings Not appropriate procedure to question adequacy of allegations or raise issues of standing)04-4147
  04/03/2007 Diane Elaine Barber,(Sanctions imposed for failure to respond to request for production of documents)03-4162
  04/02/2007 Brian Dale Tharp,(UST's Motion to Dismiss chapter 7 case under section 707(b)(3) denied Totality of circumstances failed to demonstrate abuse)06-41812
  03/27/2007 Robert James Aldorasi,(Discharge revoked for refusing to turnover tax returns in violation of court order)06-4105
  03/26/2007 Diane E Pallai, (S.J. granted; no issue of fact Discussion of collateral estoppel Criminal and Civil judgements)05-4267
  03/23/2007 William J SR and Leslie A McMonagle,(Proceeding to determine extent and applicability of lien to a secured claim must be brought by adversary proceeding)06-41031
  03/13/2007 Randall J and Mary Ann Hake,(No basis to grant objection to exemptions for non disclosure or undervaluation)04-41352
  03/02/2007 Phillip W and Janice E Courtney,(Motion for Reconsideration denied. Feb 16, 2007 Order dismissing case remains unchanged)05-4268
  03/02/2007 David J Satterfield,(Summary Judgment granted. Marital debt non-dischargeable under 523(A)(15))06-4092
  03/01/2007 Ralph Wendell Swegan,(Motion for Reconsideration denied. Feb 6, 2007 Order of Court stands with one minor modification)04-4256
  02/16/2007 Phillip W and Janice E Courtney,(Motion to dismiss granted where Plaintiff failed to plead essential elements of nondischargeability claims)05-4268
  02/13/2007 Kimpel's Jewelry & Gift, INC., (Determination of property of the estate Discussion of secured valuation)05-49330
  02/07/2007 Mountain Chevrolet Buick, INC.,(Cross motions for judgement on the pleadings denied Issue of lien priority Question of perfection - value given06-4097
  02/06/2007 Ralph W Swegan,(Creditor's SJ Motion denied No proof of fraudulent intent under section 727(a)(4)(A) No concealment under Section 727(a)(2)(A) and B)04-4256
  02/01/2007 Omega Door Company, INC.(Statute of Limitations bars fraudulent transfer claim (Debt not incurred anew every month installment becomes Due) No illegal stock redemption)05-4291
  01/12/2007 Clarence and Elaine Zak,(No Presumption of Abuse Mortgage expenses allowed despite intent to surrender; ownership-lease expenses for vehicle owned free and clear also allowed)06-41241
  01/05/2007 Infotopia, Inc.,(SJ Denied No Stipulation of Facts Genuine Issues Regarding Nature of Payment)05-4026
  12/22/2006 Randall and Mary Ann Hake,(Fee Application of Debtor's Attorney (Ch 11) granted over creditor's objection based on malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty)04-41352
  12/14/2006 Carrington South Health Care Center, Inc.(Sale of Debtors Assets confirmed after Auction and Motion for Clarification)06-41692
  12/13/2006 Infotopia, Inc. (Motion for Summary Judgement Denied No Stpulation of Facts Genuine issue of Disputed Facts)05-4026
  12/01/2006 Midway Motor Sales, INC.(Motion for Leave to Amend Denied when moving party did not have standing to assert new causes of action Supplementation permitted)04-4147
  11/22/2006 Jeffrey J. Moffie,(When case converted from Ch 11 to Ch 7 after confirmation Ch 7 Estate does not include property that revested in debtor pursuant to confirmed plan)06-4146
  11/21/2006 Midway Motor Sales(Cross Claim against Db Dismissed after Trustee substituted as Party Defenses against Db Stricken when Trustee stands in shoes of creditors rather than Db)04-4147
  11/21/2006 Harry D Summers, (Court has Authority to Order Otherwise so that case is not automatically dismissed on the 46th day)06-40982
  11/17/2006 Ron and Maria Pizanias, (Motion for Judgement on the Pleadings Denied when Complaint and Answer did not Constitute Uncontroverted Facts)06-4121
  10/30/2006 Villa Marie FDBA Countryside Golf Course(Chapter11 Trustee Permitted to Surcharge Secured Claim of ATF(based on purchase of pre petition real estate taxes)pursuant to 506(c))05-43885
  10/26/2006 Paul and Millie Dourm, (Summary Judgement Granted where Parties Stipulated Regarding Nondischargeability of Debt and Incorporated in State Court Consent Judgement)04-40094
  10/18/2006 Midway Motor Sales, INC.,(Motion to Employ Attorney for Trustee Despite His Representation of a Creditor)04-42726
  10/06/2006 Jerry and Charlene Wheatcroft(Rake VS Wade still applicable to mortgages entered into prior to October 22 1994 Pre and Post confirmation interest allowed on Mortgage Arrearage)06-40492
  10/04/2006 Cutty's INC.,(Clarification of Bench Ruling Previously Approved Fees to be Paid in Full Not Pro Rata)02-42988
  10/03/2006 Angelo G and Nelda O DePascale,(Judgement Not Altered or Amended but Clarified to Extent that Count Two was Dismissed and not Stayed)05-43659
  10/02/2006 David E and Diana L Cook,(Summary Judgement Denied Arbitration Award Failed to Provide Facts to Support Argument that Claims were Nondischargeable)02-45430
  09/26/2006 Donald and Jennifer Vagi(506 Cram Down of Car Purchased Within 910 Days Prior to Petition Does Not Apply When One Db Purchased Car for Co Db Wife TILL Still Governs Interest Rate)06-40033
  09/25/2006 Randall Joseph and Mary Ann Hake, (Remand From BAP Vacation of Prior Order Extending Automatic Stay)04-41352
  09/08/2006 Angelo G and Nelda O DePascale, (Debt for Defaulted Loans is Dischargeable But Attorneys Fees as Sanction for Failing to Attend Deposition is Non Dischargeable05-43659
  09/07/2006 INFOTOPIA, INC.(Grant of Motion to Dismiss for Failing to Serve Summons and Complaint Within 120 Days)02-44356
  08/28/2006 Randall Joseph and Mary Ann Hake, (Resolution of Disputed Election of Trustee Pursuant to 11 U.S.C 702)04-41352
  08/24/2006 Andrew Gilpen Myers JR and Mary Alice Myers,(Appointment of Next Friend when Debtor is incompetent Bankruptcy Rule 1004.1)06-40808
  08/18/2006 Stephen J and Lisa Mare Rosati,(Motion to Respond Instanter Denied When Court had Issued Order Eight Days Prior To Motion)06-40050
  08/17/2006 Diane R. Jones,(Trustees Objection to Exemption Granted Debtor Failed to Establish her Mother was Dependent)03-42112
  08/15/2006 Diane Elaine Barber,(Motion to Dismiss Granted And Denied in Part Statutes of Limitations)03-40045
  08/11/2006 Randall Joseph and Mary Ann Hake, (Cause Found to Extend Time to File Complaint Re Discharge for Trustee But Not All Parties in Interest)04-41352
  08/08/2006 Stephen J. and Lisa Mare Rosati,(Sanctions Imposed for Failing to Attend and Participate in 341 Meeting 5th Amendment Must be Asserted Properly)06-40050
  08/08/2006 Frank N. Schmidt, (Summary Judgement Granted Based on Admissions of Defendant Debt not Discharged per 523(a) (2) (A) and or (B) but not 523(a)(6))04-45879
  08/02/2006 Dwain and Brenda Miller, (Summary Judgement Granted Debtor had No Credible Basis to Believe Check From Insurance Co. belonged to Him Rather than Payment to Hospital)03-44861
  07/27/2006 John C. Thompson, (Denial of Motions to Dismiss Settlement Agreement Approved by Court Order Still Viable After Confirmation)03-44830
  07/21/2006 Robert R Fox., (Corp. Officer has no Liability for Corp Debts Based on Negligence Only No Express Trust, Fraud or Willful and Malicious Conduct)03-46394
  07/17/2006 James and Pamela Hummel,(Student Loan not Discharged Debtor has Funds to Maintain a Minimal Standard of Living and Pay on Student Loans through the Wm.D Ford Loan Program)05-42571
  07/07/2006 Gregory F. Ellis, (Motion to Dismiss Denied Elements of Willful and Malicous Injury Found in Complaint as Required by 11 USC 523 (a)(6))05-49410
  07/05/2006 Janette Brown, (Motion for Summary Judgement Granted Discharge Denied for Debtors Failure to Comply With Court Order Requiring Turnover of Tax Refund)04-46202
  06/30/2006 Diane Elaine Barber, (Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Standing Denied Chapter 7 Trustee permitted to be Substituted for Debtor as Plaintiff)03-40045
  06/07/2006 Randall Joseph and Mary Ann Hake, (Objection to Claim Dismissed as Moot When Underlying Claim Withdrawn Order for Limited Deposition Vacated)04-41352
  05/31/2006 Kimpel's Jewelry And Gifts, Inc., (Order to Show Cause Accountants Who Failed to Disclose Connections with Creditors in Affadavits)05-49330
  05/31/2006 Hilda Lee Brogdon, (Exigent Circumstances Warranting Waiver of Pre Petition Credit Counseling in 109(h))06-40028
  05/30/2006 Jody L. Sexton, (Collateral Estoppel Issue of Willful and Malicious Injury 523 (a)(b))04-43154
  05/22/2006 Vend Investment, Inc., (Validity Priority of Mortgage Vis a Vis Mortgage Broker That Recorded Mortgage and Subsequent Purchaser (Issue of Bulk Transfers as Bailment))02-41565
  05/16/2006 Wanda D York, (Dismissal of Case Where Certificate of Exigent Circumstances Failed to Est. That Debtor was unable to Timely Obtain Credit Counseling (109(h)(3)(A))06-40565
  05/15/2006 William F Ross, (Credit Card Debt Non Dischargeable Under 523(a)(2) Creditor Required to Establish Debtor's Fraudulent Intent)05-40081
  05/15/2006 Ronald and Wendy A Riley, (Failure to Confirm Chapter 12 Plan Debtors Provided Additional Time to Propose a Partial Liquidating Plan) 05-49464
  05/15/2006 John Mark Miller, (Marital Debt Not Discharged Per 523(a)(15) Debtor's Post Petition Unjustified Business Expenses Debts Not Considered in Determining his expenses for Maintenance or Support)05-40560
  05/09/2006 Pellin Emergency Medical Service, INC.,(Utility Service Adequate Assurance of Payment (Pre Payment based on Pre Petition billed Amount))06-40455
  05/09/2006 Kerry Scott & Carol Lynn Beeson,(Dissmissal of Individual Debtors Ch 13 Case for Failure to Obtain Initial Credit Counseling Briefing and Inadequacey of Request for Waiver (Exigent Circumstances))06-40530
  04/17/2006 Randall Joseph Hake & Mary Ann Hake, (Order Granting Limited Trial Deposition of Creditor More Than 100 Miles From Place of HRG.)04-41352
  04/14/2006 Randall Joseph Hake & Mary Ann Hake, (Order Denying Motion to Shorten Time & Request for Emergency Hearing No Emergency or Change of Circumstances Articulated)04-41352
  04/14/2006 James G. Spencer & Jeanette B. Spencer, (Order on Motion to Reconsider Automatic Dismissal Under 521 (Failure to File Payment Advices))06-40102
  04/14/2006 Eric E Richard and Essie D Richard, (Order Enjoining Petition Preparer for One Year for Unauthorized Practice of Law)06-40078
  04/06/2006 Henry A. Garono, (Denial of Motion to Vacate Order Dismissing Adversary Proceeding for Failure to Prosecute (Attend Final Pre Trial))04-46114
  04/05/2006 Annie M. Foster, (Trial Fraudulent Transfer of Real Estate by Debtor to Daughter Statute of Limitations and Elements of Cause of Action Discussed)04-44787
  03/30/2006 William F. Ross, (Motion for Summary Judgement Denied Dischargeability of Credit Card Debt Requires Proof of Element of Intent not to Repay at time Charges Incurred)05-40081
  03/30/2006 Christopher David Osborne, (Motion for Summary Judgement Granted Dischargeability of Marital Debt Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 523 (a)(15))04-45358
  03/22/2006 Diane Elaine Barber, (Order Granting Leave to Amend Complaint No Undue Delay or Prejudice)03-40045
  03/16/2006 Eric E Richard and Essie D Richard, (UST'S Motion to Dismiss Granted Failure to Comply with Pre-Petition Credit Counseling 11 USC 109 h 1)06-40078
  03/14/2006 Randall Hake & Mary Ann Hake(Order Imposing Sanctions Based on Attorney Admitted PRO HAC VICE Being Temporarily Suspended for Failing to Pay Registration Fee - Reversed 10-3-2006)04-41352
  03/07/2006 Randall Joseph Hake and Mary Ann Hake, (Motion for Rule 2004 Exam Denied)04-41352
  02/24/2006 Raymond L. Lonsway, (Court Cannot Extend Time for Trustee to File Complaint Re Dischargeability After Period Has Expired)05-44926
  02/24/2006 Petition Preparer Josheph Mario Spates cases 06-40078,06-40080,06-40093 and 06-40108 (Petition Preparers Failure to File Disclosure of Compensation)06-40078
  02/22/2006 Randall Josepj Hake and Mary Ann Hake, (Order Approving Amended Disclosure Statement and Overruling Creditor's Objections or Finding Them Satisfied)04-41352
  02/22/2006 Randall Joseph Hake and Mary Ann Hake, (UST'S Motion to Convert Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 Held in Abeyance Pending Confirmation Hearing)04-41352
  02/17/2006 Edwin D. Bailey and Jamie S. Bailey, (Judgement on the Pleadings Trust Moneys not Part of Debtors Estate Order of Non Dischargeability Not Appropriate)05-41609
  02/02/2006 PHAR-MOR, Inc., et al,(Objection to Claim Granted in Part Claim Based on Breach of Contract Issue of Rebates, Credits, Price Increase as Penalty)01-44007
  02/02/2006 Henricks Commerce Park. LLC, (Determination of Core Non Core Status and Right to Jury Trial)02-43841
  01/31/2006 Laura Marie Stafford, (Summary Judgement Regarding Avoidance of Transfer Denied When There is Issue of Fact Whether Purchaser is a Bona Fide Purchaser)04-42013
  01/12/2006 D.E.B. Enterprises, Inc.,(No Equitable Subordination of Proposed Purchasers Deposit to Mortgage)04-40304
  01/10/2006 Jody Ann Carnivale, (Motion to Dismiss Adversary Proceeding Granted for (i) Failure to State a Claim Under 11 U.S.C 523 and (ii) Failure to Prosecute)01-40690
  01/05/2006 PHAR-MOR INC., (Damages for Rejection of Equipment lease Administrative Claims; Unsecured Damages; Mitigation)01-44007
  01/05/2006 Kathy A. Carducci, (Summary Judgement Re First & Best Lien Where Facts Alleged are Not Controverted)01-40490
  01/03/2006 Janet L. Clark, (No Jurisdiction Over Cross Claims of 2 Non Debtors When Trustee's Claim Has Been Resolved)00-40503
  12/13/2005 Randall and Mary Hake,(Sanctions Imposed -Filing Motion for Leave to File Adv. Proc. on behalf of Bk Estate Without Colorable Claim & Failure to Follow The Gibson Group Test)04-41352
  12/07/2005 Robert Elko, (Objection to Exemption Overruled Because ERISA Does Not Pre-empt Ohio Exemption in ORC 232966(A) Regarding SEP-IRA)05-41161
  12/07/2005 D & M Turner Enterprises, Inc., (Objection to Allocation of Sale Proceeds Untimely)05-44529
  12/01/2005 Intelligent Mailing Solutions, Inc.,(Determination of Core Non Core Status of Adversary Proceeding Under 28 U.S.C 157(b)(2))04-41416
  11/07/2005 American Architectual Products Corporation, et al. (Motions for Sanctions Granted Violation of Confirmation Injunction)00-43726
  11/01/2005 Phar Mor, Inc., et al.(Motion to Dismiss Denied Excess Proceeds of letter of Credit Constitute Property of the Estate)01-44007
  10/24/2005 Pittsburgh Canfield Corp. (Motion for Summary Judgement No Age Discrimination in Reduction in Force)00-43394
  10/24/2005 3710 Henricks Road Corp.(Chapter 7 Trustee's Motion to Substitute Self as Plaintiff in Adversary Proceeding Granted-Denied in Part)05-43771
  10/11/2005 Infotopia, Inc..,(Denial of Motion to Dismiss Alleged Fraudulent Transfers)02-44356
  10/11/2005 Infotopia, Inc.,(Denial of Motion to Dismiss Alleged Fraudulent Transfers)02-44356
  10/06/2005 Phar-Mor, Inc.,(Motion to Reconsider Extension of Contract Damages from Contract Rejection)01-44007
  10/05/2005 3710 Henricks Road Corp.,(Denial of Motion to Dismiss Chapter 7 Based on Bad Faith05-43771
  09/30/2005 Randall Joseph Hake,(Motion to Dismiss Granted Where Single Creditor Failed to Obtain Leave of Court Before Initiating Preference and Fraudulent Transfer Actions)04-41352
  09/28/2005 WCI Steel, INC.(Choice of Law US V Canada Maritime Lien)03-44662
  09/06/2005 Robert W. Mumford, JR., (Motion for reconsideration Denied)03-46579
  08/24/2005 Robert W Mumford JR.,(Unopposed Motion for Summary Judgement Granted Debt Owed as Part of Divorce Decree Not Discharged)03-46579
  08/23/2005 Infotopia, INC..(Motion to Dismiss Granted Objection There to Seeking Leave to File Memorandum Fails to Comport with L.B. 9013-1 b)02-44356
  08/23/2005 Infotopia, INC.,(Motion to Dismiss Granted Objection There to Seeking Leave to File Memorandum Fails to Comport with L.B. 9013-1 b)02-44356
  08/23/2005 Infotopia, INC,(Motion to Dismiss Granted Objection There to Seeking Leave to File Memorandum Fails to Comport with L.B. 9013-1 b)02-44356
  08/18/2005 PHAR-MOR, INC.,et al. (Reconsideration of Allowed Admin. Claim Critical Vendor Objection to Claim Setoff and Recoupment)01-44007
  08/18/2005 PHAR-MOR, INC., et al., (Objection to Claim Breach of Executory Contract for Advertising Services) 01-44007
  08/16/2005 Lori Kay Havelock (Summary Judgement Denied Issue of Facts Competing Affidavits RE No. of Witnesses to Mortgage)00-40073
  08/03/2005 Pittsburgh-Canfield Corp. (Validity of Lien When Contract Contains Waiver Clause)00-43394
  08/03/2005 Luciano Floyd Mauro and Julia Claramina Mauro (Motion to Dismiss Dischargeability Complaint Granted Wrong Statutory Citation No Facts to Support)04-41962
  08/02/2005 Scott Douglas Dalrymple (Unopposed Motion for Summary Judgement Granted Sale of Property)03-44975
  08/01/2005 M.D. Consultants, INC.(Trial Judgement Entry Breach of Contract and Turnover of Accounts Receivable Termination of Franchise Agreement)02-42805
  07/19/2005 Diane Lynn Fimognari (Grant of Summary Judgement to Chap. 7 Trustee re Sale of Real Estate)02-42499
  07/08/2005 Henricks Commerce Park, LLC.,(Denial of Motion to Alter Prior Judgement No New Arguments)02-43841
  07/07/2005 Yvonne J. Patterson (Denial of Discharge of Student Loan)02-45655
  06/15/2005 Henricks Commerce Park, LLC. (Denial of Attorney's Fees as Administrative Expense Under 503 (b)(3)(D) f(4) when Attorney Prohibited From Representing Debtor Under 327)02-43841
  06/09/2005 Eastern Ohio Physicians Organization, INC. (Cross Motions SJ. Defs Motion Granted on all Counts Except Breach of Contract Where Other Counts are Really Contracts Claims in Tort Language.)01-40410
  06/06/2005 Pittsburgh-Canfield Corporation.,(Dueling Dispositive Motions (Default Judgement and Dismissal) Both Denied. Contract Dispute)00-43394
  05/26/2005 M.D. Consultants, INC.,(Motion for Partial Summary Judgement Granted - No Offer to Purchase Business Prior to Termination of Franchise Agreement)02-42805
  05/23/2005 Pittsburgh-Canfield Corp.,(Preference Action 02-4481 Unopposed Motion for Summary Judgement Granted. Failure to Respond to Requests for Admission Deemed Admission of Facts)00-43394 (02-4481)
  05/23/2005 Pittsburgh-Canfield Corp.,(Preference Action 02-4359 Unopposed Motion for Summary Judgement Granted. Failure to Respond to Requests for Admission Deemed Admission of Facts)00-43394 (02-4359)
  05/23/2005 Pittsburgh-Canfield Corp.,(Preference Action 02-4342 Unopposed Motion for Summary Judgement Granted Failure to Respond to Requests for Admission Deemed Admission of Facts)00-43394 (02-4342)
  05/23/2005 Pittsburgh-Canfield Corp.,(Preference Action 02-4329 Unopposed Motion for Summary Judgement Granted. Failure to Respond to Requests for Admission Deemed Admission of Facts)00-43394 (02-4329)
  05/23/2005 Pittsburgh-Canfield Corp.,(Preference Action 02-4278 Unopposed Motion for Summary Judgement Granted. Failure to Respond to Requests for Admission Deemed Admission of facts)00-43394(02-4278)
  05/23/2005 Pittsburgh-Canfield Corp.(Preference Action Motion for Partial Summary Judgement Denied)00-43394
  05/16/2005 Robert L. Adamson and Jennifer L. Adamson, (Motion to Modify Chapter 13 Plan Tax Refunds not Projected Disposable Income Under 1325)01-42110
  05/13/2005 Insul Company, Inc.(Order Authorizing Abandonment of Property)02-43909
  05/04/2005 Pittsburgh-Canfield Corporation.(Declaratory Judgement - Contract Interpretation(Contract Modified and Assumed)00-43994
  05/03/2005 Michael L Bayus , (Dismissal of Complaint to Determine Dischargeability of Debt - Untimely)04-41365
  04/18/2005 American Paper Group, INC. (First Day Benefits Order as Bar to Preference Action)02-45101
  04/13/2005 Pittsburgh-Canfield Corporation. (Insuffiency of Service of Process - Sent to Registered Agent at Defendants Address)00-43394
  04/05/2005 Robert R Stewart,(Exception from Discharge under 523(a)(2) (Fraud) not supported on S.J. by a prior State Court Monetary Default Judgment that contains no findings by Trial Court)04-41449
  04/01/2005 INSUL COMPANY, INC.,(Motion for Court Ordered Mediation - Held Pending Issue of Payment of Estates Expenses, Motion To Temporary Injuction Denied)02-43909
  03/22/2005 AMERICAN ARCHITECTURAL CORP., et al(Administrative Expense Claim - Allowed Despite Argument of No Benefit to Estate)00-43726
  02/24/2005 Landy Chung, (Partial Summary Judgement Regarding Promissory Notes)98-42200
  02/15/2005 Gilbert C. Foust & Loretta E. Foust, (One Witness Mortgage - Denial of Summary Judgement - Factual Dispute as to Number of Witnesses00-41134
  02/04/2005 Nicole Marie DeMatteis,(Denial of Motion for Relief Under F. Rule Civ.P. 60(b)(6) Partial Discharge of Student Loan)99-42427
  02/02/2005 The Apollo Group, (Conversion of Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 Does Not Affect Prior Modification of Automatic Stay)01-41620
  02/02/2005 Insul Company, Inc., (Denial of Motion to Compel Law Firms to Produce Addresses of Clients)02-43909
  01/27/2005 LaLama, (Motion to Strike Summary Judgement filed when case is Stayed)00-41745
  01/27/2005 Havelock, (Motion to Strike Summary Judgement filed when case is Stayed)00-40073
  01/27/2005 Cutty's (Motion to Convert CHapter 11 to Capter 7 - Denied but plan ordered to be filed)02-42988
  01/19/2005 Roger L. Zaken, (Denial of Motion to Vacate Prior Order)03-45326
  01/18/2005 Duane Schultz, (Dischargeability of Debt - Defective Construction of Pole Barn)03-40766
  01/13/2005 Chris & Lisa Heslop, ( Dischargeability of Student Loan - No Evidence Re Future Income)02-41190
  01/13/2005 Carolyn Deloise Ready, (Dischargeability of Student Loan - Chapter 13 Ripeness)03-45308
  01/10/2005 CSC- Honda Trading America., (Setoff - Recoupment)01-40096
  01/07/2005 Amalia Coffie, (Avoidance of Mortgage)03-41988
  01/06/2005 Thomas Francis Barrett, Amended - (Dischargeability of Student Loan - Future Medical & Health Issues)01-45444
  12/17/2004 Insul Company, Inc., (Dismissal of Law Firm as Defendant in Adversary Proceeding)02-43909
  12/17/2004 Insul Company Inc., (Service of Process Quashed & Dismissal Granted02-43909
  12/17/2004 Insul Company Inc., (Dismissal of Law Firm as Defendant in Adversary Proceeding)02-43909
  12/17/2004 CSC-Honda Trading America., (Denial of Motion to Strike - Declaration in Support of Summary Judgement)01-40096
  12/15/2004 Daniel & Barbara Vrable, (One Witness Mortgage)02-41253
  12/14/2004 Thomas Francis Barrett, (Dischargeability of Student Loan - Future Medical & Health Issues)01-45444
  12/13/2004 Pittsburgh-Canfield Corporation, (Recusal Not Mandatory Under 28 USC Sec. 455 -Discretionary)00-43394
  12/06/2004 Insul Company. Inc., (Approval of Compromise and Settlement with Certain Asbestos Claimants but No Authority for Insurance Co. to Make Payment)02-43909
  11/30/2004 CSC-Stratcor Technical Sales, (Section 546 (a) - Appointment of 1st Trustee)01-40096
  11/30/2004 CSC-Omnisource Corp., (Section 546 (a) - Appointment of 1st Trustee)01-40096
  11/30/2004 CSC-Mercer CO., (Section 546 (a) - Appointment of 1st Trustee)01-40096
  11/30/2004 CSC-Billition, (Section 546 (a) - Appointment of 1st Trustee)01-40096
  11/30/2004 CSC-Adams & Presson CO.,(Section 546 (a) - Appointment of 1st Trustee)01-40096
  11/29/2004 Insul Company, Inc., (Order of Dissmal)02-43909
  11/29/2004 Insul Company, Inc., (Dismissal of Law Firm as Defendant in Adversary Proceeding)02-43909
  11/29/2004 Insul Company Inc., (Dismissal of Law Firm as Defendant in Adversary Proceeding)02-43909
  11/03/2004 CSC-Anthem, (Section 546 (a) - Appointment of 1st Trustee)01-40096
  10/27/2004 Betty Ann Dubose,(Amended Order)02-45763
  10/20/2004 Kenneth & Loretta Binns (Dischargeability of Debt - Willful & Malicious Injury)03-41058
  10/07/2004 Betty Ann Dubose,( Avoidance of 2nd Mortgage - Valuation)02-45763
  10/06/2004 John D. Quarles III, (Automatic Stay in Section 362 and Spousal Support Obligation)04-44152
  09/30/2004 Nicholas J. Mann,( Dischargeability of Debt - Prior Probate Court Order)02-45248
  09/30/2004 Captiva., (Preference Action Against Officer -Shareholder of Debtor)01-43799
  09/20/2004 Harman(b.)00-41218
  09/16/2004 Harman(a.)00-41218
  08/31/2004 Dipaolo (dischargeability for failure to deliver marketable title)02-43161
  08/30/2004 Smith (homestead exemption)04-42367
  07/20/2004 Nicole Marie DeMatteis, (Partial Discharge of Student Loan Section 105 Remand from 6th Circuit Court of Appeals)99-42427