Judge Pat E. Morgenstern-Clarren
U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Howard M. Metzenbaum Courthouse, #2A
201 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 615-4422


1.  The courtroom will be open approximately 30 minutes before a scheduled hearing.  If you would like to get in earlier, please contact Courtroom Deputy Peggy Majoros (615-4431) or Electronic Court Reporter Greg Nunn (615-4427).


2.  Courtroom Attire:  (a) Attorneys are expected to be in business attire at all court hearings, regardless of whether they dress more casually in their office; (b) parties, witnesses, and visitors are expected to dress appropriately.  At a minimum, this means no caps, t-shirts, halter tops, or flip-flop sandals.


3.  The Court has a VCR, a document camera, and an electronic whiteboard for use by any party during a hearing.  The whiteboard and document camera are always available.  If you need the VCR, or instructions for how to operate the document camera or whiteboard, please contact Mr. Nunn well before the hearing.


4.  Attorneys may use computers at the trial tables.


5.  Attorneys and their first witnesses should arrive at least 10 minutes early so that the hearing may start on time.  Each party should plan to move through its evidence without significant breaks.


6.  Attorneys may be asked to support an offer of evidence, or objection to evidence, by reference to the Federal Rules of Evidence.  Similarly, attorneys making oral motions may be asked to identify the Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure upon which they are relying.  Many attorneys find it helpful to bring copies of these rules with them to the hearing.


7.  All participants in a hearing should be referred to by title and last name (as, for example, Ms. Jones, Dr. Smith) rather than on a first name basis.


8.  Food and drink (including chewing gum and candy) are not allowed in the courtroom or witness rooms.


9.  Individuals may enter and leave the courtroom at any time during a hearing.  Please do so quietly.

10.  Counsel are expected to be familiar with the "Guidelines to Litigate By" published by the American Bar Association Section of Litigation.  See KeyBank Natíl Assoc. v. Mann (In re Mann), 220 B.R. 351, 357-359 (N.D. Ohio Bankr. 1998). 

If you have questions about these procedures, please call Mrs. Majoros.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Revised May, 2010