Rule 41. Issuance of Mandate; Stay of Mandate



Rule 41. Issuance of Mandate; Stay of Mandate

(a) Date of Issuance. The mandate of the court must issue 7 days after the expiration of the time for filing a petition for rehearing unless such a petition is filed or the time is shortened or enlarged by order. A certified copy of the judgment and a copy of the opinion of the court, if any, and any direction as to costs shall constitute the mandate, unless the court directs that a formal mandate issue. The timely filing of a petition for rehearing will stay the mandate until disposition of the petition unless otherwise ordered by the court. If the petition is denied, the mandate must issue 7 days after entry of the order denying the petition unless the time is shortened or enlarged by order.

(b) Stay of Mandate Pending Petition for Certiorari. A party who files a motion requesting a stay of mandate pending petition to the Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari must file, at the same time, proof of service on all other parties. The motion must show that a petition for certiorari would present a substantial question and there is a good cause for delay. The stay cannot exceed 30 days unless the period is extended for cause shown or unless during the period of the stay, a notice from the clerk of the Supreme Court is filed showing that the party who has obtained the stay has filed a petition for the writ, in which case the stay will continue until final disposition by the Supreme Court. The court of appeals must issue the mandate immediately when a copy of a Supreme Court order denying the petition for writ of certiorari is filed. The court may require a bond or other security as a condition to the grant or continuance of a stay of the mandate.

[Prescribed Dec. 4, 1967, effective July 1, 1968; APR. 29, 1994, EFFECTIVE DEC. 1, 1994.]